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Pianica GET! A Stunning Rendition of Oh Susannah!

January 17, 2008 | 1 Minute Read

Here’s a post that, for some reason, I kept in my queued posts and never published. Until now!!! I think I did this some time during the Summer. As you can see, it takes place before I moved to Ann Arbor! And here we go:

I got a Pianica! If you’re wondering what a pianica is, it’s like a melodica, except when Yamaha makes it they call it a pianica. More specifically, it’s sort of like this cross between an accordion and a harmonica, where you just get a keyboard and you need to blow into it to get the reeds moving. It’s “famous” for being in that manga, Nodame Cantabile, which I totally like, which is mostly why I bought it.

I practiced a bit today, but I really suck at keyboard. I never really bothered learning how to play, but I do read music, so that’s how I was able to BS my way through Oh Susannah:

Not very good, but this take was funny because I put a seven chord at the end. I actually like Oh Susannah a lot. The words make no sense. The reason I didn’t play any left hand at the end is because I found some free sheet music online, but they only showed the first page! GRRRR.

I think I’ll keep practicing and become the Pianica champion of the world! Or play music on the street for money. Either way it should be interesting.