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Threadless Shirt That Doesn’t Suck! Boredom.

July 09, 2007 | 0 Minute Read


Threadless has been on a sort of non-roll of sorts. Or maybe you could call it a roll of sucking. Anyhow, this week they’ve got a shirt that doesn’t suck! It’s one of a genie in a lamp. Being bored as hell.

I actually feel bad for genies. Being locked away inside of a small lamp, released for maybe once every thousand years. Then having to give wishes to stupid people. Plus that TV is outright ancient!

Perhaps it’s not the actual content of the shirt that I like, more than the colors. Maize and Blue? Hmmm, perhaps a certain university is brainwashing me. Ah well, anyway, this is a “definite buy if a $10 sale was going on” shirt. For $15… I dunno. Maybe.