Hung Truong: The Blog! Wishlist => Huge River Wishlist

June 28, 2007 | 0 Minute Read


So I got a message from about my facebook app called “ Wishlist.”

Basically, Amazon doesn’t want me to describe my wishlist using the word Amazon… I asked if an exception could be made but the lawyer politely declined. I can understand Amazon’s reasons for wanting to protect its name, but seriously, I can’t use “Amazon” to describe an app that displays an AMAZON.COM Wishlist!?

So I renamed the app “Huge River Wish List.” I think is developing a wishlist app for Facebook of their own, which is the real reason for forcing the name change. It’s the risk that one takes when developing using an API, though. I guess I should’ve read the terms more closely. It’s completely within Amazon’s rights to request that I change them app’s name.

It’s also completely in my rights to develop an app for a competitor to Hmmm…