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Google Street View Easter Egg!

May 29, 2007 | 1 Minute Read

Google just released a new feature in Google Maps that lets you see a 3d view of streets in a few select locations. One of these locations is in Silicon Valley, so I figured I’d check out Google Headquarters (it’s a lot easier than stalking them in person). I remembered from my visit that the Googleplex was on Ampitheatre Parkway, so I just went there and looked at the street view.


While circling the Googleplex (in a non-threatening manner), I found an easter egg! There’s a bunch of googlers in green shirts, with one riding a motorcycle! Neat! I’m guessing they were on the team that did the mapping or had something to do with the street level feature.

By the way, the street level views are freaking sweet!!! There’s incredible detail (you can zoom in) and every few feet there’s a 3d panorama to view. Incredible. If they could get this for every city, I really think sightseeing in person would become obsolete.

PS, I still want to work at Google very, very badly.