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Because The Graphics On Level 3 Aren’t Gonna Tighten Themselves Up…

February 05, 2007 | 1 Minute Read

Back when I still had cable, and access to G4TechTV, which is now just G4, and considerably bad, there was this awesomely bad commercial.

Two guys are playing video games when their boss walks in. Instead of yelling at the guys, she tells them she has another video game that needs designing! Oh man, they’re video game designers! And it’s their job! They just finished level 3! And they need to tighten up the graphics!

The commercial ends with the dude on the left saying that his mom said he’d never get anywhere playing video games. How wrong she was.

The phone number for Westwook College Online is then presented with a caveat: Not intended for residents of Texas or Massachusetts. Obviously these states have banned video games altogether. Or perhaps they don’t recognize dead end online degree programs? Either way, it’s nice of the college to warn people ahead of time. Maybe they should also include, “Not intended for people eventually seeking a job of any kind.”