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Wii Sports – Baseball

January 29, 2007 | 1 Minute Read


So I was playing with my new Wii. The sports game that comes with it is really fun. One game that I suck at in real life, but can do okay in with Wii sports is Baseball. Unfortunately, I just lost my first game. I think the game gets harder as your skill level progresses.

The first game, I got like, 11 runs or something. And there’s only 3 innings! I’d say that Wii Baseball is probably the most physically challenging, since you’re either flinging the remote as fast as possible when pitching, or doing an actual bat swing when batting. Eventually I got tired of doing the whole “hey batter batter” thing and just used one hand. I still use two when I’m not sore, though.

During my first loss, I found out that there’s a mercy rule. Yep, when you have 0 runs and the opponent has 5, it’s time to just give up. This is pretty much crap, since on my first game, I won by like, 10 runs or so. I totally would’ve made a sick comeback, too. Stupid Wii baseball…