Hung Truong: The Blog! – Pay Per Reviews

November 14, 2006 | 1 Minute Read

So something that’s hitting the blogging scene pretty hard is the notion of pay per reviews. Some sites are discrete, while others don’t require a blogger to say that they’re getting paid to write the review. is a site that allows advertisers to contact bloggers for paid reviews. In fact, this is one of them! Yes, I’m getting paid $20 to write this review. So is it biased? Perhaps.

The good thing about ReviewMe is that they don’t require positive reviews. So bloggers aren’t forced to shill a website or product. Something tells me, however, that bloggers who give nothing but bad reviews will probably end up not being called back. It’ll probably end up being an unspoken rule that positive reviews are preferred.

Another observation: if people are so desperate that they need to pay people to write about their product, the product probably can’t be that good. On my anime blog, I write reviews on stuff for free. Occasionally companies will send me stuff to review, which is good enough for me! I can’t imagine a legitimate having to do more than that to get reviews.

The bottom line: Will I keep using ReviewMe? Maybe, if anyone’s willing to pay for me to write about their stuff…