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What Not to Do With Your PS2

July 05, 2006 | 2 Minute Read

Back when my anime blog was in its infancy, I was writing video game related posts, too. Today I was cleaning up my previous entries, and came across one about the warning pictures from the PS2 manual. I figured it would be more at home here, so without further ado, I present “What Not to Do With Your PS2”:


Do not unplug the Playstation at any time. It will become aware of your treachery, flip out, and kill people.


Making Japanese tea near your PS2 will cause it to return to the ether stream from whence it came.


Do not place your PS2 near an air conditioner. ACs hate other appliances. Didn’t you watch The Brave Little Toaster?


Do not plug your Playstation 2 in during a thunderstorm. You will instantly die.


Do not stab your power cord with a broadsword.


The Xbox360 will totally fubar your discs. Get a PS2 instead.


Your Playstation 2 is already black. It does not need to get a tan.


Do not insert Staryu, Luvdisc, or any other Pokemon into your Playstation 2. This isn’t a freakin’ Gamecube!


Do not install a flip top loader. Sony DRM will take your hand if you do.


Do not let your little brother play with the Playstation 2. He’s an idiot.




Do not go backpacking to the Swedish Alps while leaving your Playstation 2 unplugged in your transparent house. This is just common sense.

The following are from the US version of the PS2 manual:


Do convice your mom that Playstation 2 is more important than groceries. Make her buy one in the rain. That’ll teach her for making daddy leave us!


Do not let your mom try to play Rez with the trance vibrator in the bathtub with the shower on. Hey, your mom is hot!


Damn it! Tell your mom to clean somewhere else! And make me a sandwich!