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Of Ancient Japan, Giant Enemy Crabs, Massive Damage, and Riiiiddggeee Racerrrrr!!!

May 28, 2006 | 0 Minute Read

This is probably kinda late, but I wanted to point out this video. It’s the Sony E3 Press Conference in 1 minute:

My absolute favorite part is where the guy is talking about how Genji 2 is based on actual historical facts. Being based in history, the game also has battles that actually took place in ancient Japan. Then he starts talking about “Giant Enemy Crabs” and causing “Massive Damage!” by attacking their weak point. Priceless!

There’s also Kaz Hirai who, by being a bit too excited for Ridge Racer, has become an internet celebrity! Oh, and he also announces the giant price of the PS3.

Speaking of Ridge Racer, I just got a PSP and I’ve been playing Ridge Racer. It’s pretty fun, but I need some more games. Anyone have suggestions?