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Thinkgeek Merch Awesomeness!

May 26, 2006 | 1 Minute Read is a crazy store just for nerds. Pretty much everything there caters to glasses-wearing people who got beat up in high school. Sometime their merch is kinda lame, but every once in a while, great things pop up there. While browsing their new stuff, I came across some awesomeness. So I thought I’d share:

Yoda Plush Backpack!


Remember in The Empire Strikes Back, when Luke is training and he carries Yoda on his back? I know you do! Here’s an official Yoda Plush Backpack!! I’m seriously thinking of buying this and finishing out my college career in style. Or badly beaten… Now all I need to do is get Frank Oz to follow me around and make grunting noises!

The Solution T-Shirt


I’m not what you would call a “chemist,” but I still think this shirt is pretty awesome. First off, it’s green. Next, it’s got nerd vocabulary on it! I’d get this, but I think I’d probably look like a poser since I hate chemistry.

Evil Genius Lab Coat


There’s just something about labcoats that makes people look smart. And cool! If it were socially acceptable, I’d probably wear a labcoat everywhere I went. But then people would probably be all, “hey, are you a scientist or something? Look at my mole!” And that’s just not what scientists are for.