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To Mac, or Not To Mac…

May 22, 2006 | 1 Minute Read


That’s the question. Yep, I’m well into the Summer break, which means it’s time for me to start on projects that have been postponed due to school and whatnot. I’ve been learning Ruby on Rails, which is a really cool framework for building web applications. Okay, so I bet that last sentence made about 0 sense to many of you…

Anyway, as someone who is developing stuff for the internets, I should probably see how things are rendered in different browsers. Not everyone uses firefox, though they should (even if it eats all of your memory). Since the new Macbooks came out, I’ve sorta wanted to get one, but it seems there’s still some issues. List time!


  • Runs Mac OSX
  • Runs Windows XP
  • Runs Ubuntu Linux
  • Is fairly cool


Now, the Macbook has only been out for like, a week, and all these issues have been brought up? I could probably wait a little bit until they resolve all (or at least most) of these.

I checked the student discount I get from UNM. Normal price is $1100, student price is $1070… has the Macbook for $1100 – $100 and no tax, so I’d probably get it there. I was gonna get a mac mini, but those cost $800 anyway, so I might as well get the laptop, right? Vote in the new poll: Mac? and let me know your opinion.