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What Happens in Denver Stays in Denver, Unless…

April 06, 2006 | 0 Minute Read

It’s the 1st Annual Soundpack Syrup Chugging Contest! Inspired by the Hollywood blockbuster hit, “Super Troopers“, this year’s event pitted Eric Oliver (on the left) versus Jordan Sayre (on the right).

The competition seemed to be evenly matched at first. Both men had finished about 10% of their bottles, respectively. Then something incredible happened. Jordan Sayre pulled ahead with a strategy known as “squeezing the bottle.” He won by quite a large margin.

As a finishing taunt, Jordan said to Eric, “finish up!” Eric reluctantly finished his bottle as the loser of the competition.

The second annual Soundpack Syrup Chugging Contest is currently being planned for the Spring of 2007 in sunny Las Vegas, Nevada.

Note: Do not try this at home. All parties involved in the chugging contest eventually barfed all the syrup (and their dinner) after the competition was over. It was gross.