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Tetris DS = In Stores!

March 22, 2006 | 0 Minute Read

Whoa, Tetris DS is out! How’d I miss that one!? I should really get it, considering it got like, super awesome scores from everyone in the world. Unlike Tetris Worlds.

This one has a bunch of new modes, and apparently they’re good. I’m up for some Tetris action, so I think I’ll be getting this game shortly (and playing it longly (ha!)). In other news, nested parentheses are kind of bad in writing (but okay in scheme (and ML)).

I need a good “staple” game for my Nintendo DS that just stays in the system forever while I keep playing it. Tetris always hung out in my original Game Boy, so it seems like a good idea for Tetris DS to hang out in my DS. Although I wish they’d treat it like a retro version and sell it for $20 or something. That would be awesome.