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Countdown to Mother 3!

March 02, 2006 | 0 Minute Read

In case you don’t know, Mother 3 is the newest in the Mother series of games from Japan. Mother 2 was released here in the states as “Earthbound” for the SNES.

Anyway, over at the official Mother 3 webpage, they’re doing some kind of time-release teaser site. Every Tuesday, another present will be unwrapped, whether it be screenshots, game music, or screenshots. Hey Mother 3 people, get more creative!


Mother 3 is coming to the Gameboy Advance, which means I can play it on my Nintendo DS. I really liked Earthbound a lot (though not as much as my cousin), so I might import it and struggle through the Japanese to play it. The graphics are going to be just as spritey as on the SNES version, so I have a feeling this game will be retro RPGing at its best.

Mother 3 will be released in Japan on 4-20-06, so until then, be satisfied with the “presents.”