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The IT Crowd

February 07, 2006 | 1 Minute Read


So I downloaded this show called “The IT Crowd.” It’s some kind of British sitcom based on two guys and a girl in the IT department of a big company. In case you don’t know, “IT” stands for “Information Technology” and basically means the department that fixes all the computer problems and controls the technology of a company. Yes, this show is geared towards nerds.

The two guys are computer nerds, and the new girl knows nothing about computers. Blatant stereotypes aside, this show is very smart. The mise-en-scene in the basement has random computer parts everywhere, and geeks in the know will recognise the EFF stickers posted on pretty much everything.

The great part about this show is that on top of being funny, it’s also super random. I guess the British have a better appreciation for random crazy humor than Americans. My only major gripe has to do with the addition of a laugh track. I don’t need people telling me when to laugh!

It seems to have a very limited target audience, but hopefully this show will keep going for a long long time.

(You can find The IT Crowd at your friendly neighborhood bittorrent tracker)