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New Blog: Take 5

January 20, 2006 | 1 Minute Read

Ok. So maybe I just like moving my blog more than I like writing in it. Here’s the deal: I just bought a new domain name called I decided to randomly select a length 4 string, and a length 6 string, and behold, it happened to be my name! Anyway, look to for all your Hung Truong blog needs.

Since the blog is now on my domain, I can pretty much control every aspect of it, rather than have livejournal/ujournal/xanga/myspace control it with their evil ads. This actually means instead of seeing their evil ads, you can see my evil ads!

Oh, and the actual layout should be prettier and stuff too.

I’ve imported all of the posts I’ve made ever since I started this thing called “blogging.” The earlier you get, the less organized the posts are. Most of the first ones don’t even have titles. Still, they’re nice to look back on, to see how far I’ve gone (not far).

I think this’ll be the last blog move I’ll make, because seriously, I’m tired of all this exporting and importing. If I wanted to do that for a living, I’d start up a company called “Vandelay Industries”…