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Ice kicking 101

October 27, 2002 | 0 Minute Read

So today, I went to a park with some colleagues of mine, which had many hills. The park did, not the colleagues. It was dark, and we found some small blocks of ice, so we decided to go sliding down the hills on them. Before you ask, “Hung, is this some kind of rhetorical allegory that you’re setting up where you explore the inner workings of the darker side of the human psyche?” I’ll have to tell you I’m not. Anyway, back to my story. So we had a good time sliding down the hill. Then we went back to wherever we were from. but we kicked a piece of ice around. We were kinda playing ice soccer with it, when I kicked it head on, and it shot up in the air. Before it did that though, it totally wrecked my toe! My toe is still a little sore. Let that be a lesson to you kids, don’t kick ice unless you have special ice-kicking boots. That is all.