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Yabba Dabba What!?

October 16, 2002 | 0 Minute Read

Hey dudes,

So I have to write like, an 8 page paper soon, but for now, I shall write in this weblog, because I tend to neglect it, and I need to get the juices flowing. The creative juices that is. I had a thought last night while trying to sleep. What do you think people thought when they first showed the Flintstones on tv, and Fred said “Yabba Dabba Dooo!” How long did it take before people stopped thinking, “Yabba what!? What the hell is this cartoon caveman saying!?” I’m thinking three weeks at least. Anyway, I bet people weren’t so confused at Scooby Doo later on, since they had already been De-sensitized to the whole “yabba dabba scooby dooby” stuff. That’s all.