Instascriber: Automagically Add Content to Instapaper

I just “announced” a little web app that I’ve been developing off and on called “Instascriber.” It’s basically a tool to help you populate your Instapaper reading list with stuff using an RSS Feed subscription model. If you use Instapaper a lot and use it to keep track of your reading list, you might want to automatically add new items, say from the New York Times Book section, into your Instapaper reading list. If you already know you’d like to read the content on Instapaper, it’s a pain to manually add each thing you want to read.

With Instascriber, you can just set the feed you’d like to subscribe to. Instascriber will periodically check the feed for new items and add it to your Instapaper reading list automatically in the background. That’s it. Boom!

For now, I’m considering the web app to be in beta. So let me know if you find bugs or anything.

12 thoughts on “Instascriber: Automagically Add Content to Instapaper

  1. I just found this on the Chrome web store, and it’s just what I’ve been waiting for! There are definitely several feeds I have in Google Reader that I always add to Instapaper, so why not have them just go there automatically?

  2. Hi, it’s not parsing my Google Reader starred items feed. It’s also not pulling in a couple of other RSS feeds I added to my Instascriber account. Not sure what to do? This is just the knid of service I was looking for. Thanks!

  3. Just so you know, I’m trying to use this to fetch my Google Reader starred items, but it doesn’t seem to work! The app looks really great though, nice job and thanks!

  4. Hi Hung,

    I can’t see another place to post bug fixes, but right now I’m not seeing any subscriptions although I know that I’ve several. Is this related to the Google App engine time out yesterday?

  5. I’ve added a couple of feeds but it doesn’t seem to be working. These are RSS feeds that have been working fine in google reader. Is instascriber still supported?

  6. Can’t remove feeds from instascriber. They disappear on but feeds still show up in instapaper. Since the feeds are updated frequently, it’s a total mess. Any idea how to stop or block instascriber feeds.

  7. Hung, Instascriber has not been sending my RSS feeds to my Instapaper account for quite some time now. Is it down? I have really enjoyed this service and would pay for a more robust version.

  8. I found a link to your app when I was doing the same manually via If This Then That for each feed. Would you consider open sourcing your app if you aren’t able to support it any longer? Thanks!

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