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Song Currently Stuck in My Head: Ladies of The World

I’ve been watching Flight of The Conchords due to numerous people liking them. Also, I saw them live in Ann Arbor some time in May. They’re pretty funny.

Anyway, most of their songs are kind of the type that wouldn’t be that great, except that they have jokes in them. Honestly, if the songs weren’t funny as well, they wouldn’t have as much sticking power, I think.

There’s one song that shows up later in the first season called “Ladies of The World.” I think it’s the real deal. And it’s currently stuck in my head. The way the percussion lines up with the guitar and the crazy sexy bass line? Yeah, it’s the real deal. And I guess the lyrics are pretty funny, too. And the special music video… Okay, maybe it’s just because the song is funny. I don’t know anymore!

[flv:/blog/video/Ladies%20of%20the%20World.flv 480 236]

Jazz Standard Currently Stuck In My Head: My Foolish Heart


Well, it didn’t take long for Rick Astley to get out of my head. While on shuffle, my iTunes played the Bob Mintzer version of “My Foolish Heart” sung by Kurt Elling. It’s really a nice ballad. And the arrangement by Mintzer is nice and slightly weird as is his style.

The night is like a lovely tune, beware my foolish heart!
How white the ever constant moon, take care, my foolish heart!
There’s a line between love and fascination,
That’s hard to see on an evening such as this,
For they give the very same sensation.
When you are lost in the passion of a kiss.
Your lips are much too close to mine, beware my foolish heart!
But should our eager lips combine, then let the fire start.
For this time it isn’t fascination, or a dream that will fade and fall apart,
It’s love, this time it’s love, my foolish heart!

And, as usual when I get a standard stuck in my head, it’s really friggin’ stuck in my head!

Jazz Song Currently Stuck In My Head: Stella By Starlight

So currently, I’ve got Stella By Starlight stuck in my head. It’s mostly the Chet Baker version that appears on “The Best of Chet Baker Plays.” I’ve got a few other versions that are pretty good, like the Bill Evans one.

My friend David always likes to point out how bad the words for this song are. They really are probably the worst lyrics to a jazz standard ever:

The song a robin sings,
Through years of endless springs,
The murmur of a brook at evening tides.
That ripples through a nook where two lovers hide.

That great symphonic theme,
That’s Stella by starlight,
And not a dream,
My heart and I agree,
She’s everything on this earth to me.

Does anyone know what a song that a robin sings through years of endless springs sounds like? Or a murmur of a brook rippling though a nook? And Stella by starlight is a vision, not a sound, right? Couldn’t we say something about Stella herself, rather than babble endlessly about stupid rhymes (brook and nook make me stabby)?

If you can look past the shitty lyrics, the melody is really nice. Plus this song has the distinction of having some unique changes that I can’t really say sound like any other song. Off the top of my head, at least. The tune works well uptempo or as a ballad, too.

If only I had my Real Book with me and some kind of trumpet practice mute so I don’t bug (and by bug, I mean serenade) the neighbors…

Song Currently Stuck In My Head: Fame!


So it’s partly due to Karaoke Revolution Party having the song, and one of my friends’ 80s pictures, but I totally have the song Fame stuck in my head now. During Christmas time, I got the aforementioned Karaoke Revolution game. My sister did pretty well singing it; I’m a little too young to remember the actual show.

I did try it later on though. It’s pretty darn catchy and soulful. Which means I’m pretty bad at singing it. I guess I just need some practice. Here’s the lyrics in case you found this page searching for them:

Baby look at me
And tell me what you see
You ain’t seen the best of me yet
Give me time I’ll make you forget the rest

I got more in me
And you can set it free
I can catch the moon in my hands
Don’t you know who I am?
Remember my name


I’m gonna live forever
I’m gonna learn how to fly

I feel it coming together
People will see me and cry

I’m gonna make it to heaven
Light up the sky like a flame

I’m gonna live forever
Baby remember my name

Remember Remember Remember Remember
Remember Remember Remember Remember

Baby hold me tight
Cause you can make it right
You can shoot me straight to the top
Give me love and take all I’ve got to give

Baby I’ll be tough
Too much is not enough
I’ll grab your heart til it breaks
Ooo I got what it takes

(Chorus again, like a few times)

Sometimes the lyric is listed as “People will see me and die,” but that sounds kind of wrong to me. Like can someone be so famous that it causes death? I hope not.

Jazz Song Currently Stuck In My Head: You’d Be So Nice To Come Home To

Yep, it’s time for another edition of “Jazz Song Currently Stuck In My Head.” This time, it’s “You’d Be So Nice To Come Home To.” I heard it on Together, with Chet Baker and Paul Desmond, a couple of times before. For some reason, though, it’s become stuck in my head now.

What I really like about the tune is the chord progression. It sorta goes from minor to a major section, back to minor, so you can do a lot of stuff with the improvisation. At least, I think so. My theory’s not as good as it used to be…

Anyway, here’s the lyrics:

You’d be so nice to come to
You’d be so nice by the fire
While the breeze on high, sang a lullaby
You’d be all that I could desire

Under stars chilled by the winter
Under an August moon burning above
You’d be so nice
You’d be paradise, to come home to and love

There seems to be a lot of people in Japan who like this song. Perhaps because Chet Baker played it live there once upon a time?