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A Chat With Hung Truong

I use Olark (formerly Hab.la) on my portfolio site. It’s a widget thing that lets you chat with your visitors. My friend Ben invented it, so check it out.

Anyway, some guy just started chatting with me on it. He was also named Hung Truong. Here’s the strangeness that ensued:

webuser5.1128: yo

me: hi

webuser5.1128: sup man

me: not much bro

webuser5.1128: where u from?

me: uh, you’re on my portfolio

webuser5.1128: my name is hung truong ๐Ÿ™‚

me: what
me too

webuser5.1128: like seriously though
i search my name in google
and this website came out

me: yeah, cool
do you have a website?

webuser5.1128: nope, but nice webste man

me: thanks
there’s also some hung truongs in the news

webuser5.1128: wow

me: like one who killed a police officer or something
that’s not me
that’s not you either, right?

webuser5.1128: hahaha

me: ok good

webuser5.1128: lol

me: just checking to make sure

webuser5.1128: i was born in vietnam
are you by any chance vietnamese

me: my name’s vietnamese but i’m actually chinese
my parents lived in vietnam
but i was born in the US

webuser5.1128: cool
i g2g man nice talking to u dawg

me: yeah you too

webuser5.1128: peace out

[System] (visitor closed chat)

State of the Hung Truong Google Search Query, 3/2009

While it feels as though there’s not many Hung Truongs out there (I’ve never met another one), there actually are. So I’m pretty protective of my Google query position for my name. I haven’t been doing a good job of recording my past performance to measure against future performance, though. So here’s my current standing on the top 10 results on Google for “Hung Truong” (I logged out to get these results).


Results 1 and 2 are this blog and my portfolio, respectively. Sweet! 3 is Hung Truong on Facebook, but it’s not me. I wonder how Google arbitrarily picks a Facebook profile of a Hung Truong. Oh well. I don’t need people finding my (private) Facebook profile anyway. 4 is my Twitter profile. 5 is a LinkedIn profile of a Hung Truong that isn’t me either.

6 is a link to a person wiki of some kind called “AboutUs.” It’s basically an auto-generated wiki about my portfolio. I’ll count this as one in my favor. 7 is a news story about the Hung Truong that killed a police officer! Hopefully I don’t have to remind you, but that Hung Truong is not me! 8 is a weird PDF about a Hung Truong who broke some laws by selling herbal medicine. Again, not me! 9 is a CNet page about me, my portfolio and Notecentric, for some reason. 10 is a page about a Dentist named Hung Truong.

So I have the top 2 results for “Hung Truong” and 5/10 results are about me in some way. Not too bad! Hopefully if anyone does happen to mistake me for another Hung Truong, it’ll be for the dentist or the wireless entrepreneur and not the cop killa!

(In)Famous Hung Truongs Who Aren’t Me

My friend Patrick sent me a link in an email about a news story. Sweet! I love seeing news about me! But this Hung Truong was definitely not me:

The suspect, Hung Truong, 24, appeared in court Monday morning on a manslaughter charge. His bond was set at $50,000. Investigators said that the charge could be upgraded to intoxication manslaughter depending on the outcome of toxicology tests. Officers at the accident scene Sunday said Truong was nonchalant and at times laughing as if he were impaired by drugs or alcohol, or had a severe mental deficiency.

C’mon, other Hung Truong! You’re giving Hung Truongs like me a bad name! Also, I happen to be 25 now, so there shouldn’t be any confusion as to which Hung Truong is the “bad” one!

Perusing Google News, I also dug up this recent story about a Canadian Hung Truong:

Hung Truong, 39, of Markham, faces charges of arson endangering life and production of a controlled substance.

Seriously now! Aren’t there any other good Hung Truongs (besides me, of course) around to spread the good name(s) of Hung Truong!? I got us that WSJ article, but how much more can one Hung Truong do!?

Also, this sorta reminds me of a time way back, when a Google search for Hung Truong brought up this news article:

Last week, women from 13 different rooms told police a stranger entered their rooms while they were asleep early Sunday morning. Six women said the man climbed on them, pulled off their clothes or fondled them.

Man, I’m glad I upped my Google PageRank!

Anyway, for anyone checking out my blog (like, for a job or something) and wondering, “is this the Hung Truong who was arrested for X?” No. I’m the good Hung Truong! Or perhaps I doth protest too much?

Bonus!: Hung Truong the Diver