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Amazon Ad Targeting Fail: IE8

I just got this ad while shopping at Amazon. This is an ad targeting failure for a number of reasons.

  • I am using Chrome, which is better than IE8
  • I am on a MacBook Pro, which isn’t even supported by IE8
  • I was not shopping for a new browser, I was shopping for video games

I went ahead and clicked on the link for the lulz. I ended up getting to this strange terms page with a bunch of links to download the software for different (Windows) operating systems. How bad of a user experience is that!?

It appears they are after a quick buck with this “partnership” and really don’t give a crap about going about it properly. Too bad for them. At least they have an ad feedback box for me to mock them with:

Stupid Facebook Fan Pages Considered Harmful


Yes, I’m breaking out the “considered harmful” cliche.

I think Facebook is jumping a proverbial shark. In addition to the “viral” quizzes that are really annoying (and occasionally interesting), the increase in random fan pages is really making the site hard to tolerate. Facebook wants to make fan pages like people. That’s fine, if you’re only allowing people to have fan pages. The fan pages seem to have been designed for entities who want to have a presence on the site. Like companies or celebrities, etc.

Lately there have been fan pages for random shit like hugs, rain, flip flops, music, etc. Who is supposed to be the owner of the rain fan page? Who decides what rain says? I think groups were a fine way of indicating that you supported something. But fan pages are supposed to be pseudo-official (at least when celebrities make them, they are required to show proof of identity). This mixture of official and random-shit fan pages just makes Facebook seem unprofessional.

I am all for developing tools and letting people use them for what they may. But maybe there should be some rules about superfluous junk like fan pages for “wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tubeman.”

OR! Maybe I’m just getting old. *sigh*

Google App Engine + Django == FAIL

Edit: Using the tutorial from this dude, I was able to get the Django “hey, you got the barebones working!” page working. I may have time to mess around with this more in a week or so.

I just wasted an hour trying to get the Google App Engine and Django to work together on both my Mac and my PC. Both give failure errors when I try to run the server.

Should I assume I’m a bad computer scientist? Or should I assume that Google needs to do more testing/documentation before releasing stuff? Granted, I haven’t used Django before, but it should really work if I follow the directions correctly (and I did, twice)!

I would consider learning the webapp framework, but I’d rather learn something I could use on a server other than Google’s. I’ve been meaning to learn Django for a while now. I had some high hopes that I’d be able to get something cool running in a short amount of time, but I guess not.

People are saying this App Engine thing is a great competitor to Amazon’s ECC. Not quite yet. You can’t run any software you want on App Engine, you’re limited to using Python for now, and from my experience, App Engine seems a bit half-baked at this point. What about cron-jobs? What about running scripts? What about root access? I can’t see why Google didn’t just decide to copy Amazon and allow developers to upload a linux image or something.

My initial impressions are disappointing. Maybe once the semester is over, they’ll have a more stable version of this available…