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The Lime Green Nintendo DS (USA) Comes A Bit Late…


Warning: Be prepared for a rant.

I just learned that Nintendo is releasing a lime green DS. The thing I’ve wanted ever since I learned of the DS. I have a lime green Gameboy color and a lime green Gameboy Advance. Lime green is my favorite color ever. Left to my own devices (which I have been), everything I buy is lime green. Basically when I wear my backpack, jacket, shoes, hat, etc, I look like a ninja turtle. This is just some context.

I just got the DSi like a week or two ago. It’s really nice. Not that much different from a DS but it has some interesting features like the cameras and new software. I figured I’d buy the DSi when it came out and then if it was ever released in lime green, I’d get that one. Because I’m a sucker and I gladly pay the Nintendo tax.

Anyway, now I find out that the lime green DS I’ve coveted since forever is a reality! RIGHT AFTER I BUY THE DSi!!! Interestingly, my emotions are a combination of rage, acceptance and really wanting to buy the lime green DS anyway. I wish I knew how to quit you, Nintendo. I WISH I KNEW HOW TO QUIT YOU!

Also, this one looks like it’s for moms. Does that say something about my taste in video game console colors? Hmm…

Advance Wars: Days of Ruin

I got Advance Wars: Days of Ruin from Amazon.com yesterday because it was on sale for like $16. I’d played Advance Wars 2 and it was pretty cool, and I skipped Advance Wars Dual Strike.

One thing that kind of seemed weird to me for the Advance Wars games was that the fighting always seemed unmotivated. Like here’s some random countries, let’s go to war! Also, the cartoony quality of the graphics led to some weird cognitive dissonance as I led my cute dudes with their tanks off to die in gruesome battle.

Days of Ruin sort of fixes this by making the graphics more gritty and changing the setting to a post-apocalyptic world. So everyone is fighting for food and survival instead of just for the hell of it. Unfortunately, the setting is not like Mad Max, where everyone is hoarding hockey pads and crossbows and gas. Seriously, you have factories that make tanks, but you can’t make food!? Get your priorities straight!!!

So far, it’s been pretty fun, but the challenge level just seems really low. I think I probably just need to complete some more missions and get further in the game.

Cooking Mama DS Sort Of On Sale At Amazon.com


So Cooking Mama, the game where a woman yells at you for not cooking well, is sort of on sale at Amazon.com. It’s usually $20, but right now it’s $16. Good enough for me! I was thinking of picking up this weird title and the 20% off convinced me.

I also picked up Nodame Cantabile volume 1 so I could get free shipping. And I used my $25 Amazon.com credit card gift certificate, so it ended up being like $.30 total! Yay!

Nintendo DS – Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Impressions

Phoenix Wright.jpg

I recently went on a video game buying splurge, since I finished school and I figured I’d have more time to devote to video games. One of the games I bought was “Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney.” It was released in limited quantities a while back, gained a cult following, and was subsequently re-released.

Phoenix Wright is a lawyer game. Yeah, that’s right, you play as a defense lawyer. Your job is to prove that your client is innocent, even when the evidence is strongly against him. While this might not sound like the coolest idea for a game, it actually works pretty well. You listen to witnesses give their testimony and try to find inconsistencies. If they lie, you press them until they admit to it, or present evidence that proves that they’re lying. It’s pretty fun.

Right now I’m on the third case, where I need to prove that an action star is innocent of murder. The characters are all fairly amusing, and the story isn’t bad either. Apparently, the Phoenix Wright 2 preorder is underway. You can get a finger stylus to point at liars if you preorder.