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From Threadless.com:

Something We Guess Not, But Yes

Something We Guess Not, But YesSomething We Guess Not, But Yes” is just really weird, and I like it. I mean, it’s got a chicken in a chicken costume! He seems really mad, like he sold out his race or something.

Unforunately, this shirt is no longer in stock. This is why the shirt is in the “T-Shirts I want” section, and not the “Deployed Shirts” section. But you can help! Just go to threadless.com and ask for a reprint! Together, we can fight for our right, to wear this shirt!

Captain Awesome

Captain Awesome I’m not too sure why I like Captain Awesome so much, but I do. Perhaps it’s because of the pseudo manga art style. Maybe it’s because of the weird names given to the characters (The Great Briton and Monobot seem so interesting).

This is another shirt that has been sold out at Threadless. I asked for a reprint, but it’s highly unlikely they’d listen to the likes of me alone. So that’s why you gotta help me get it reprinted! Don’t let the awesomeness of Captain Awesome be lost forever!

From ThinkGeek.com:

Japanese For Beginners

Japanese For BeginnersHere’s an excellent shirt called “Japanese For Beginners.” Despite what you may think from the title, it’s wacky rather than informative. I think this is a Jlist shirt that’s actually sold on thinkgeek, but whatever. I want it for its sheer power of nerditude!

The best part is that most of the romanized Japanese actually is correct, although the long syllables need to be added. Instead of “suteki” (which means splendid) for “steak,” it should be “suteeki.” I’m clearly nitpicking though. The used panty machine is definitely cute. And that is a sentence best taken out of context.

From Busted Tees:

New Mexico

Born and raised in New Mexico, I realize the truth of this shirt. Yes, it’s dirty, but I have a gut feeling that it’s cleaner than regular Mexico. At least, Albuquerque is. Now, if you’re talking about Las Vegas (NM) or Grants, I’m not so sure…

Become the enemy of Mexicans everywhere! Get New Mexico: Cleaner Than Regular Mexico today. Just don’t wear the shirt in Mexico…

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