Retired T-Shirts

These are T-Shirts that have earned the highest honor. They are the ones who have fallen in battle. Though it is the life of a T-Shirt, to be washed and rinsed repeatedly, not once did they ever fail in their duty. Their colors may have faded, but their memories will live on; on this page.

Flying Carpet T-Shirt

tmbg-catalog_1876_4681064.jpg I like weird shirts. I also like They Might Be Giants. Or at least, I used to. So it goes withot saying that a weird They Might Be Giants shirt would be the perfect match for me! The TMBG Flying Carpet T-Shirt has some weird villian leading Queen Victoria and some young detective-looking children into a secret tree stump passage. Yep, that’s weird enough for me.

Unfortunately, the shirt shrunk (though it could be possible that I grew), and it doesn’t really fit anymore. The shirt is still available at the TMBG store for $20. $20!? Have the Giants sold out? I think so…

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