Deployed T-Shirts

These T-Shirts are the ones I am currently wearing (not all at the same time). If you see me on the street, I’ll likely be wearing one of these shirts. You won’t see me walking on the street, though. I don’t do that.


Ctrl + Z

Ctrl + Z.jpg Ctrl + Z is one of my favorite shirts. Sometimes I don’t want to wear it, because doing so will only wear it out. Ctrl + Z is a trooper though, he wants to be out there every day!

Being a computer nerd, I know what Ctrl + Z means. It’s undo! Get it!? Car crash? Undo!? The hilarity is amusing. Currently, Ctrl + Z is out of stock. It was originally grey, and then they reprinted it in red. Maybe if you’re lucky, they’ll reprint it again, if you ask super nicely. If they ever do reprint it, I’ll probably buy another one, just so I don’t have to ask whether today is “Ctrl +Z worthy” everyday…

PandamoniumPandamonium is the latest shirt that I’ve bought from I kinda feel bad for the panda. I mean, sure, he or she is busting up the army, but do they really need to use bombs attached to helicopters with string?

My Japanese teacher thought this shirt was cute. Well, until she saw the bombs and whatnot. This one’s out of stock too, so I guess you’ll have to ask for a reprint if you want it.

Dark Side of the Garden

Dark Side of the Garden Dark Side of the Garden is the first Threadless shirt that I ever bought. I debuted it at an Aquabats concert. This T-Shirt pretty solidly rocks. As Darth Vader would say, “The power to destroy a planet is insignificant, next to the power of gardening!” Or something like that.

Like pretty much all Threadless shirts, Dark Side of the Garden is out of stock, so ask for a reprint if you must!

Fire and Ice.jpgThis shirt is just kinda cute. Seriously, who doesn’t like penguins? Somehow, I don’t think the penguin who is encased in ice will survive, but I’m still rooting for him! Maybe they can perform penguin CPR quickly…


Rocketbird.jpgRocketbird has a bird on a rocket. Perhaps this bird is of the flightless variety, and therefore cannot fly on its own volition. Or perhaps the bird is in a hurry and needs the power of a rocket pack to reach his destination. It really doesn’t matter; Rocketbird is cool.

Ambition Killed The Cat

Ambition.jpgWhile it’s sad to learn that the cat perishes in this shirt, it’s still pretty damn cute. This is a reprint, so I guess tons of people bought it and wanted more. Good job for bringing it back!


you are dumb v1.0

you are dumb v1.0 My first purchase ever from was the “you are dumb” shirt. Being a nerd, I know binary. Even so, I don’t have the ascii char integer values memorized, so I won’t hold it against you if you can’t read the shirt.

Anyway, the shirt has the numbers:




The general usage of the shirt is as follows:

Dumb Guy: Hey, your shirt has numbers on it! What does it say?
You: “You are dumb”
Dumb Guy: Huh? I don’t like you!
You: Go ahead to the binary converter and confirm it for yourself, dummy.
Dumb Guy: What’s the internet?
(note: conversation may also end with a severe beating)

Binary PeopleBinary People is the other shirt that I own. Combined with “you are dumb,” these shirts have the power to confuse all those around me. Unless I’m hanging out with nerds. Which is usually the case…

Much like my other shirt, whenever someone asks me what this shirt means, I tell them, “you are dumb.” I get beaten a lot.


Panflute Flowchart

gallery-panflute-500.gifPanflute Flowchart is a shirt that is just freaking awesome. It quickly informs people passing by who read your shirt whether they should buy a panflute or not. I got this shirt from Toothpaste For Dinner, which is a really minimalist (though funny) web comic. Yeah!

3 thoughts on “Deployed T-Shirts

  1. You are hysterical! I was just getting some album artwork for my TMBG download and came across your blog.
    Can we talk about your love of ridiculous t-shirts? Ctrl + Z is awesome and the ‘pandamonium’ write-up makes that one even funnier. As a self-professed non-nerd, I can only attest to understanding the second binary-related t-shirt, but I will do my best to get that chicken one reprinted. Currently living with four chickens (in a very urban neighborhood) and I think the landlord (owner of said chickens) would love it.

  2. OK so CTRL-Z means SUSPEND on Unix based systems. Since the crash is suspended mid crash, I disagree that the shirt means “undo”.

    CTRL-Z only means UNDO in certain PROGRAMS. If I make a program I can tell CTRL-Z to mean ANYTHING. So on a windows based computer it is actually meaningless. It’s only defined in a Unix shell universally to mean suspend…

    I think I’m the bigger computer nerd… where’s my plaque?

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