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Song Currently Stuck in My Head: Ladies of The World

I’ve been watching Flight of The Conchords due to numerous people liking them. Also, I saw them live in Ann Arbor some time in May. They’re pretty funny.

Anyway, most of their songs are kind of the type that wouldn’t be that great, except that they have jokes in them. Honestly, if the songs weren’t funny as well, they wouldn’t have as much sticking power, I think.

There’s one song that shows up later in the first season called “Ladies of The World.” I think it’s the real deal. And it’s currently stuck in my head. The way the percussion lines up with the guitar and the crazy sexy bass line? Yeah, it’s the real deal. And I guess the lyrics are pretty funny, too. And the special music video… Okay, maybe it’s just because the song is funny. I don’t know anymore!

[flv:/blog/video/Ladies%20of%20the%20World.flv 480 236]

Will it Blend? That is the Question.


So I was turned on to the “Will it Blend” phenomenon a while back when an Apple iPhone was blended. “Will it Blend” is a video podcast of sorts featuring a mad scientist type guy blending random objects that probably shouldn’t be blended.

Objects range from the aforementioned iPhone to Tiki Torches to (my personal favorite) Halloween glow sticks. The episodes take a pretty formulaic approach. The scientist guy talks about what he’s going to blend, picks a mode (like smoothie) and blends the item. The camera shows the item being blended initially, then pans out to show the dude in an awkward position, blending the object.

Once blending has commenced, the scientist dude opens the blender top. Then the phrase “_____ smoke, don’t breath this” will occur. And the verdict? Yes, it blends! How could we for even one second doubt the blending power of Blendtec blenders!?

Of course, reason that everything blends is probably due to the fact that Blendtec produces the show as well as the blenders. Still, it’s pretty damn entertaining for a random video podcast. Plus when they do change up the format, it’s awesome. Sort of like if you were watching Scooby-Doo and it turned out that the ghosts were real, or Scooby was actually a ghost, or if Velma and Daphne started making out like they did in the movie!

Google Developers Day US – Theorizing from Data

So before I got on a plane to fly from NM to RH, I prepared myself for boredom. One of the things I did was encode some of the Google Developer Day videos on Youtube for my Sony PSP. I think it was one of three times I’ve actually used my PSP!

Anyway, most of the videos were pretty fluffy and didn’t hold my interest, but the talk by Peter Norvig about statistical analysis was pretty darn interesting. Funny sidenote: when I went to Google for an interview, Peter Norvig was the special speaker dude. He had a pretty cool Hawaiian shirt on then too, as I recall.

Anyway, the talk brings up some pretty interesting things, like how if you feed enough statistics to a computer, the actual algorithm matters less and less. I’ve been interested in AI and machine learning, but I never really took any formal classes.

The stuff in the talk has sort of stuck in my head now. So I’m tending to see a lot of problems as being solvable by statistical analysis/classification. Like that Spock Challenge thing I blogged about earlier. Anyway, I’ve got an idea for a wacky application of Naive Bayesian Classification, but I won’t mention it yet (in case it’s an actual good idea, or in case I decide to bail after I don’t want to figure out the probability math).

Stay tuned?

Snorlax Owns You!

I’ve been playing Pokemon Pearl for a while now, and I still haven’t found my favorite pokemon, Snorlax. He’s totally awesome since he’s huge! I remember giving him Ice Beam (I think) back in the original Pokemon game and he literally owned everyone, ever.

This video I found confirms my belief that Snorlax owns. And he owns hard. Just check out the play by play commentary of Snorlax helping like, everybody!

PS This is totally NSFW due to multiple F-bombs proclaiming the awesomeness that is Snorlax.

[flv:/video/Snorlax%20Owns.flv 480 360]