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A Visit To The Tokyo Hardcore Pop Culture Shoppe


A few days ago I had some lunch with a colleague of mine in Albuquerque at El Patio. It was pretty good except for the fact that I ordered a blue corn spinach enchilada and I got a normal enchilada, but I only realized it after I ate about 90% of it because I was hungry for green chile.

Anyway, after the lunch we went to scope out the area. The “Brick Light District,” as it’s called, is fairly new. It wasn’t there when I went to UNM. I saw this store that had a sign: “Tokyo Hardcore Pop Culture Shoppe.” We went in.

The first thing I noticed was a Domo-kun plushie. Pretty cool. Then I noticed some other random Japanese culture stuff. Hello Kitty stuff, birthday candles that spelled out “omedetou,” vinyl toys, etc. It kind of reminded me of Wizzywig, except with less emphasis on video game and anime pop culture and more on fashion and toy culture.

I talked to the store clerk girl for a little bit about the store. Apparently there are less people that come in who are “our age” and more really young people and fairly old people. Interesting. She said they opened maybe a few months ago and that they’re getting cool new items in regularly.

I’m pretty happy that a store like this exists in my (former) town. I think it adds a lot to the vibe that Albuquerque is one of those culturally interesting cities. I think I read somewhere that we’re somewhere up there with Austin and Seattle, etc. So I hope the store does well. Also, the girl at the counter was really cute, in that Suicide Girls kind of way.

Humping Dog USB!

Humping Dog.jpg

When I first saw pictures of the Humping Dog USB thing, I thought it was an ill-designed USB flash drive. Obviously people were laughing at it because it was dog shaped, and if you put it onto a laptop, it looked like the dog was humping it. I was wrong.

The device is specifically designed to look like a dog humping a laptop. Moreover, it is mechanical. Yes, the dog physically humps the laptop when you “plug it in.” The website (in Japanese) states, “Once you insert it, it doesn’t stop!”

I’m not even sure that the USB device has any memory, as the website says nothing about capacity. I think it’s just more of a desk toy than anything. It costs 998 yen, which is less than $10.

I don’t know if the best part of the video is the mosaic censoring of the dog, or “Believe” by Cher playing in the background…

Yet More Cool Stuff From Japan!

So my brother recently came back from a trip to Japan, and he brought back some stuff for me! Here’s an inventory of the random junk I got:

Dr. Clinic Gum


So the only reason he bought this gum was the weird name. I guess it’ll fix my breath or something. It has a picture of a tooth under an umbrella…

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New Japanese Tounge-Twister Discovered!

Yep, I found one in my Japanese listening homework today. The lady says:

え?自分にしか買ってこなかったの? (eh? Jibun ni shika kattekonakatta no?)

Which I think means: “Eh? You only bought it for yourself?” (the subject was gifts)

Not only is this hard to say, but the Japanese person saying it just blazes through it! And I had to figure it out from listening, not from reading it! Listen for yourself:


I guess it’s harder to understand if you’re doing listening homework, and you don’t know the Japanese that she’s saying. I’m going to go ahead and say it’s my new favorite Japanese tounge twister! Next to basugasubakuhatsu, of course…

Cool Shwag From Jlist: Final Fantasy XII Potion, Question Mark Box Bank, Sound Effect Capsule Toy, Busted Pocari Sweat!

So today I got my package from Jlist containing all of the sweet nerd stuff that I’ve been waiting for! I got the Final Fantasy XII Potion (4 of them), a Question Mark Box Bank (with character inside), a sound effect Capsule Toy, and a busted pouch of Pocari Sweat (I didn’t ask for it to be busted).

First, the Final Fantasy Potion:


Yes, that’s my hand in the picture. Maybe I should be a hand model… Anyway, the bottles were a bit smaller than I envisioned. I’m going to be drinking the potion along with my cousin, who ordered 2 with me. I was thinking of doing a video review or something. I’ve heard it tastes like medicine, but I think I’m getting a slight cold, so maybe the potion will cure it!

Next, the Question Mark Box Bank:


Yep, it’s a bank shaped like the box in Mario that you hit to make a coin or whatever appear. I tried punching it. It just made my hand hurt. I envisioned it would be bigger than it actually turned out to be. It can probably hold like, $1 worth of change. Yay.


It also came with a keychain character. I got a blooper. He came in a little protective baggie. I like it.

Next up, the other Sound-Making Keychain!


There are six of these keychains in all, but I ordered one and got a random one. It makes the Mario swimming sound. It’s a lot bigger than I thought it would be, and I dunno if I should walk around with it as a keychain. It could go off in my pants without warning! Check out my quick demo video of it in action!

Last but not least (well, probably both) is the Busted Pouch of Pocari Sweat (try saying that five times fast!):

I’m going to ask Jlist if they’ll send me an unbusted one. It sort of got all over the other stuff and made it look like I got some cocaine with my order. True, there’s still some mix in the pouch, but now that it’s open, I dunno if I wanna ingest it. For all I know, it IS cocaine!!!

EDIT: Jlist wrote back saying that they’d send me a replacement. How cool are they!?

So yeah. That’s it. If you wanna be cool like me and get crazy stuff from Japan, check out Jlist. They’ve got some neat stuff. Shipping is kind of a lot, but if you buy in bulk, it becomes somewhat reasonable.