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Found Audio #01: Working Undercover For the Man

[audio: Audio 01.mp3]
Found Audio #01: Working Undercover For the Man

Here’s the first installment of my Found Audio series of “podcasts.” The start of my tape (at least, one side of it) featured a recorded session of Dial-a-song, They Might Be Giants’ phone song service. You call the number and they play you a song. Back when I recorded this, long distance phone calls were not free. Unless, of course, you used Dialpad, the PC to Phone service that worked over 56kbps connections circa 2000! Due to the transmission of the song from NY to phone to internet to my speakers to my portable tape recorder to my Macbook Pro, the sound quality is not the best.

This was a pretty popular dial-a-song, but not their best. I think I had recorded another one, possibly “Hovering Sombrero.”

Found Audio: An Intro


While rummaging through my old room, I found an old cassette voice recorder thing. Sort of like the thing that the kid in Home Alone uses to make a hotel reservation. Except it was for actual voice recording. I used it a bit in high school for various purposes. The tape that was left in the recorder was recorded somewhere between my sophomore and senior years in high school. I’d probably say it was later, either junior or senior year.

The stuff on the tape is a pretty eclectic mix (I haven’t listened to everything yet) of music and recorded conversations. I’m thinking of recording bits and pieces and maybe making it into a mini-podcast series. It’ll be pretty esoteric; I have a feeling no one but me and a few of my high school friends will actually find it interesting. But so is a lot of the content on my blog anyway! Once I get home I’ll start digitizing and organizing the stuff on the tape. I wish I could find the many other tapes of stuff. They’re probably sitting in my room somewhere…