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Winning at Jeopardy

I just had another dream that felt very real up to the moment when I checked my phone and realized I hadn’t won on Jeopardy. I might need to start up a series on my blog about weird dreams if this keeps up.

There was a news story on yesterday about a local Ann Arbor guy appearing on Jeopardy that I tweeted from my parody account, so that’s probably what fueled this weird dream.

For some reason I’m on the Jeopardy website, checking out the hall of fame. I vaguely recall having been on Jeopardy. This is cool because my old friend Susan was always trying to get onto Jeopardy and now I can brag to her that I was on it. I investigate further and realize that not only did I appear, but I won! My total winnings amounted to around $21,000 in June of 2011. At this point I’m wondering why I never got the check from Alex.

The first thing I did was search for “jeopardy” in my gmail (this is also what I do in real life if I need to remember something). This was harder than I expected, because spelling “jeopardy” in a dream is harder than in real life. That only brought up two random emails, so I checked the hall of fame webpage again. It listed that my email address on file was “[email protected]” So apparently a typo was all that stood in the way of me and my prize money.

The website had an email form to fill out (as well as a fax number) for corrections, etc. I didn’t really question why the public-facing website had so much information on it. As I raced to fill out my correct information “I regret to inform you that you have not paid me yet, and I am the Hung Truong who won back in 2011”, I woke up to the sobering reality that I was never a Jeopardy winner.

That’s always the hardest moment. Realizing that you didn’t win at Jeopardy, don’t have an awesome dog, etc. sucks. But I guess I can take consolation in the fact that today is a new day where literally anything is possible (except for winning at Jeopardy, obviously).

Weird Dream Starring Cameron Diaz and Ellen Page

I had a weird dream that won’t fit into Twitter, so I might as well write it down here since my blog hasn’t seen much love lately.

This was the sort of dream where I’m watching a movie. The movie starred Cameron Diaz and Ellen Page as two roommates (or some people living in the same house) who have recently become zombified. Apparently they’re fighting to survive in a dream/cyber world with other people in the same predicament. Now that I think of it, the plot resembles a modern Beetlejuice.

For some reason, Tina Fey was cast as their PR specialist. In one scene, Page and Diaz dump off Fey at the beach, along with one of their boyfriends. Apparently they don’t want their significant others and family worrying about the fact that they’re zombies now, so they leave without a word. I wasn’t sure how the family didn’t notice the smell (maybe they were being polite).

If someone can get this green-lighted I’m sure I can fill in the rest of the details.

Lucid Dreaming: Inception Style

I often have the problem that the moment I realize I’m dreaming, I wake up. I never get a chance to do the cool stuff you’re supposed to do in a dream when you know what’s going on (like fly and whatnot). Last night, I did end up having a lucid dream of sorts.

I was walking around a house when I realized I was dreaming. I read somewhere that you can spin around really fast, and apparently that helps you stay in the dream and not wake up when you realize you’re dreaming. I did this and was able to stay in the dream. After that, I walked through the house some more and looked at the furnishings, thinking that I have a pretty cool brain for being able to invent that stuff on the fly. Like, “wow, my mind just made up that sofa arrangement.”

At this point, I decided to do something more fun. I tried moving parts of the house around with my mind, and see if I could demolish it. It didn’t work. Once I wasn’t able to control the dream, I woke up. After I woke up, I decided I would try to go back to sleep and dream the same dream. I wasn’t quite able to do this, though, because I was still dreaming! What I thought was a lucid dream was really me dreaming that I was lucid dreaming. I think this is the first case I can remember of having a dream inside of a dream. I’m pretty sure I was dreaming that I woke up, because I can recall actually waking up and it being quite different from my dream waking up.

I think it’s kind of interesting that I was able to keep dreaming even though I realized I was in a dream partially due to the fact that I was dreaming of dreaming. The complexity of dreams continues to surprise and confuse me. Hopefully I am writing this blog post in a non-dream, because I’d really like to have a record of this dream in a dream.

Fly Me To The Mars

I had a dream last night that me and my Mom won a trip to Mars. I think we won a contest that allowed us to take a tourist flight to Mars, kind of like how people are paying big bucks to fly into orbit right now. When we got onto the shuttle (which seemed kind of small and had a random tour guide driving, like it was a bus), I realized that it’d probably take a while to get there. Like, more than 24 hours. I think that was a low estimate…

At this point I really wish I had done more preparation for the trip, like maybe getting some audiobooks loaded up or at least bringing a book to read. I kinda just showed up (my Mom might’ve caused us to be late; this happens in real life). During our trip I kept feeling kind of dreadful. Like, what if we don’t come back (it was the first ever tourist trip to Mars)? And what if our pilot bus driver guy gets killed?

Our bus driver/guide said that once we get to Mars, it’ll be really small, so we all have to keep our eyes peeled for it. I thought this was a load of crap, because it’s actually a pretty big planet! I think this also meant that we wouldn’t actually go onto Mars; we’d just fly over and look at it, and then go home.

I guess we didn’t go directly to Mars; we stopped at a space station or something first. In the space station we had to form a huge line, for some reason. I remember reading some really specific headlines when glancing at a newspaper. One was about how the space library was charging really huge fees for interlibrary loan. Makes sense if your library is in space, I guess.

Grocery Store Antics!

I had a really weird dream in-between snoozes this morning. I’m writing this post on my iPhone on my way to work (don’t worry, I commute by bus).

The first part of my dream was at some kind of museum. It was a place where I had gone as a kid. I saw a hallway with a bunch of mechanical educational arcade type games. They were old. I think one was of Dick and Jane. I felt the kind of nostalgia that you get going to a place you used to frequent as a kid but rarely as an adult. Think back to elementary school when they’d send you to the same place every year or semester. Like the natural history museum for me.

The museum quickly got boring so my dream transitioned me to shopping at a grocery store. I think it was Meijer. Shopping got boring in the dream (which strangely never happens in real life) and I resorted to riding my shopping cart around with another dude who kinda seemed like my friend Matt Strand. But I don’t think it was him.

Then some security guards came up to us with “energizer” brand binders (I could tell because they were drumming them like the energizer bunny, except vertically because the bunny has a bass drum and these guys were playing them like snares). They were going to take us to the manager’s office on the 9th floor or something. I tried to make small talk with the guards. Like “I bet a lot of people mess with the shopping carts and ride on them!” I was trying to make it appear less lame that a 26 year old got caught goofing off. Then my second snooze alarm woke me up.

It seems impossible that my long dream happened in the span of 10 minutes but I guess that’s how our brains work!