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Nacho Libre: Spam Magnet

Maybe I’m on some kind of “spam roll” right now. But after checking my spam bin in WordPress, I noticed that about 100% of my blogspam was directed towards an old post I made about Nacho Libre.

What makes the post a spam magnet, though? I didn’t really stick anything in there that would potentially make it a spam target for spammers, did I? Is it because I mentioned some lady that looks like Penelope Cruz (but isn’t)?

I closed the comments on the post. My apologies to people who wanted to make a legit comment on the post but couldn’t. Maybe you can just post your comment here instead. Oh, crap. What if this post becomes the new Nacho Libre spam magnet post!? I guess I’d have to close comments on this one and make a new one explaining it. Then that new one would become the next spam magnet, and I would have to continue the process ad infinitum. Hopefully that doesn’t happen.

Update, 4-27-09:
I noticed this post is getting lots of spam now, so I’m closing comments. Geez, what is it with Nacho Libre and SPAM!?

Mucinex: The Booger Drug


So I have a cold right now. I called my normal doctor’s office and apparently they don’t do urgent care type stuff. But they do have a nurse! So I talked to the nurse and she gave me a list of drugs to take. One of them was Mucinex.

Apparently this is some kind of miracle drug. It’s the one in the commercials that has a family of green boogers (or mucus?) living in a human’s chest. Then the person takes the Mucinex and the family of boogers is evicted, to put it nicely. Mucinex tears families apart. Families of the mucus variety.

Anyway, I used it and it seems to be okay. It didn’t work in the elaborately theatrical fashion as the commercials would have me believe, but I think I have less junk in my chest now than before.

Are You Smart?

[flashvideo file=video/My%20Funny%20Valentine%2009.flv height=272 width=496 /]

I felt like trying out my new Yamaha Silent Brass and Sennheiser HD-280 Pro headphones from the Facebook contest, and since I haven’t recorded anything lately I figured I’d play some My Funny Valentine. The Aebersold track is fun and all, but playing with it makes me feel as though I’m playing as the accompaniment, rather than with the accompaniment. So here’s a sans-backing version of My Funny Valentine.

The sound quality came out okay, though the silent brass makes it sounds a bit stuffy and adds a lot of backpressure to the horn. But I guess it’s still better than playing without a mute and pissing off my neighbors. It works great for practicing; recording not so much. The headphones are also pretty sweet. I haven’t used them that much. I mainly use them for listening to This American Life while doing dishes. They block outside sound pretty well.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, yes, I stole stuff from Miles and Wynton. I hope they don’t mind.

Previously: Each Day is Valentine’s Day. (I’d like to think I’m more mature in my trumpet playing since 2 years ago)