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Firefox 3.1 Beta 2 (With Mac OSX Trackpad Gestures!)


I’ve been using Firefox 3.1 b2 because it supports the three-finger gestures that are really useful on my new Macbook Pro. Friends have told me that Safari has the same support built in, but I argue that I need my Firefox plugins to survive.

Ironically, most of the plugins I use for Firefox aren’t supported in this beta. So I’m pretty much stuck with the same functionality as Safari anyway! Oh well, at least I can say I’m running something that’s a beta release, which should up my geek cred at least a smidge…

Hung’s Jazz Mix “Tape” 2008!

A few weeks ago I made a trip with a bunch of colleagues/friends to go see some Jazz in Detroit. We went to a place called “Baker’s Keyboard Lounge,” which is apparently the oldest jazz club, ever. That night, a group played which I would describe as a “mixed bag.” The rhythm section was outstanding, but the sax player was okay and the trumpet player (who was, sadly, also the bandleader) was in serious need of some lessons in improvisation.

Most of the people I went with weren’t Jazz connoisseurs. I sort of think of myself as an intermediate one since I’ve been involved with Jazz (playing and listening) since middle school. Anyway, I promised I’d make a Jazz primer for those interested, and I kind of let it get onto the backburner for a while. I could’ve just grabbed some tracks but I wanted to comment on what to listen to or what I liked about each track so it would be more accessible (Jazz is hard to get into if you don’t know what to look for).

Basically I went through my music collection looking for tracks that I thought were representative of something. Either of a standard tune or an artist or a genre. I tried not to duplicate songs or artists. It was kinda hard. I found what tracks I could that were available on AmazonMP3. So if you wanted, you could download almost the whole mix legally! The MP3 widget and my liner notes follow:

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A Visit To The Tokyo Hardcore Pop Culture Shoppe


A few days ago I had some lunch with a colleague of mine in Albuquerque at El Patio. It was pretty good except for the fact that I ordered a blue corn spinach enchilada and I got a normal enchilada, but I only realized it after I ate about 90% of it because I was hungry for green chile.

Anyway, after the lunch we went to scope out the area. The “Brick Light District,” as it’s called, is fairly new. It wasn’t there when I went to UNM. I saw this store that had a sign: “Tokyo Hardcore Pop Culture Shoppe.” We went in.

The first thing I noticed was a Domo-kun plushie. Pretty cool. Then I noticed some other random Japanese culture stuff. Hello Kitty stuff, birthday candles that spelled out “omedetou,” vinyl toys, etc. It kind of reminded me of Wizzywig, except with less emphasis on video game and anime pop culture and more on fashion and toy culture.

I talked to the store clerk girl for a little bit about the store. Apparently there are less people that come in who are “our age” and more really young people and fairly old people. Interesting. She said they opened maybe a few months ago and that they’re getting cool new items in regularly.

I’m pretty happy that a store like this exists in my (former) town. I think it adds a lot to the vibe that Albuquerque is one of those culturally interesting cities. I think I read somewhere that we’re somewhere up there with Austin and Seattle, etc. So I hope the store does well. Also, the girl at the counter was really cute, in that Suicide Girls kind of way.



So… IBM is making a ThinkPad with a screen, AND ANOTHER SCREEN INSIDE OF IT!

While the extra resolution might be kinda handy, I think it’s a bit much to put this on a notebook. Plus check out the thickness of the border between the screens. Definitely not very pretty. If they were designing the extra screen specifically for this device, couldn’t they have integrated it a bit better?

Also, I think this is a hoax, even if it shows up on the IBM website. I won’t believe it until I see it in person!