Steve Sutton: Creepy Internet Star!


So a while back, I found some videos from a guy doing a daily video journal type thing. His name is Steve Sutton, and his life seems really really boring. Steve speaks in this weird creepy southern accent and just mentions the mundane stuff that happens to him. Visiting Steve’s World, you can see he’s pretty busy on the internet.

At first I thought the guy was just some kind of geniusly crafted alter ego. A lot of his videos involve post production (like him visiting himself from the future and talking to himself). The more I watch his videos, though, the more I think he’s actually a creepy guy.

Here’s a video of him talking about eating boiled peanuts. So is he really creepy or fake creepy? You be the judge!

11 thoughts on “Steve Sutton: Creepy Internet Star!

  1. I don’t think of myself as being creepy, although, I guess I give that impression. I’m just someone who makes videos for the Internet as a hobby, while, sometimes, being a little creative with them.

  2. No, no, no….he is great! I like him and am very interested in his opinion and what he has to say. Steve is a lot more interesting than a lot of people from my part of the world!

    A very nice guy, I think

  3. He comes off as a little unintentionally creepy at first, but what can I say? I like creepy. The guy is hilarious in his own special way. Plus, his points of view on world events are so rational and well said that his creepiness kind of goes out the window after you watch a couple of vids. Seems like a cool guy. I don’t think he’s an alter ego.

  4. Steve is cool 😀 . Ill admit that his videos mgith not apeal to certain people, but i think hes great. ( and not at all creepy)

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