Monthly Archives: August 2006 Is Open For Business!


Hey everyone! So I finally finished (kind of) my second web app called “Notecentric.” It’s basically a note taking webpage where you can do access your notes at any time and share notes with your classmates easily.

Right now it’s in beta, because there’s still a lot of stuff I want to add to it. Also, it’s trendy to be in beta!

Head on over to if you wanna check out what’s up, or go to the Developer Blog first for more explanation on what Notecentric is.

To Prove To Dad I’m Not A Fool

Yep, it’s time to go back to school! I actually finished signing up for classes like, an hour ago.

This semester I’m doin’ 14 hours! The classes are: Marching Band, Jazz Band, Software Engineering, Beginning Chinese, International Politics, and an online version of Technical Writing (because I’m lazy). I need to take a full time load, even though I only need Software Engineering to graduate. Why? For like, health insurance.

Chinese should be cool, because then people won’t ask my why I’m Chinese, yet don’t know the language. International Politics just sounds kind of interesting to me. Plus it’s at 11AM, which is not too early. Technical Writing should be okay, since it’s online, and I need to get better at that kind of writing anyway.

I’m also TAing a CS class. It’s just an applications class for Business majors, so it probably won’t be too hard. Mostly stuff in Word and Excel I think.

Hopefully I’ll pass Software Engineering, and graduate in December! Then it’s off to (Job|Grad School|Slacking Off)!

T-Shirt Grab Bag at


Man, has my blog become the T-Shirt Blog or what? Anyway, is having a clearance of sorts on their shirts. You just pick how many shirts you want and they send you random ones.

I like most of their shirts, so this is sort of a no brainer for me. I ordered 3. Hopefully they’ll all be unique, and not 3 STFU shirts.

Get the geekitude here.

Back To School Threadless $10 Sale!


Whoa, so like, right after I say I want a $10 sale they make one! And this time, they released 6 shirts each on Monday, Tuesday, and Today.

There was a cool dinosaur shirt on Monday that I wanted, but it’s sold out already. That was way fast. I was hoping there’d be some good ones later on and I’d buy em all in one order. That didn’t really work out.

Right now, the only shirts I’d buy are probably the Ctrl+Z reprint (since my other one(s) are already fading) and the Ambition Killed the Cat one. It’s so cute! Ask me how I became a Pirate is also kind of cool.

Afternoon Delight is surprisingly still in stock. I’d buy it, but I’m not too sure the world is ready for me to wear a shirt with two unicorns copulating on it.

I need to buff up my Fall wardrobe, so I guess it’s a good excuse as any to buy a bunch of new t-shirts! Oh, the Sale ends Monday(8/21) morning, so hurry up and buy some shirts!

New Threadless T-Shirts That Don’t Suck!

Recently, there’s been quite a dearth of good threadless shirts. Like, seriously, they’re all so pretentious and “cool.” Well, this week brings shirts that I might actually buy. If only there were a $10 sale…

Honk if you are about to run me over.

Honk.jpgSo this one’s just a textual tee. But it’s clever! And I like clever t-shirts! Oh, threadless, way to mock all of those people who misuse the “Honk if you’re X” snowclone.

Though it would be ironic if I wore this shirt and was actually run over, I think the odds of that happening are fairly slim. Since it’s only text, this shirt is $12 instead of $15. Does that mean it’ll be $7 during a $10 sale? Hmmm…


Adultery.jpgAww, threadless can even make a serious issue like adultery seem like cute fun. Question: Is the hot dog currently with the mustard, and thinking of cheating with the ketchup? Or is the hot dog cheating on the ketchup with mustard, and regretting the decision?

Ambition Killed The Cat

Ambition.jpgWhile it’s sad to learn that the cat perishes in this shirt, it’s still pretty damn cute. This is a reprint, so I guess tons of people bought it and wanted more. Good job for bringing it back! Now go vote for this shirt to be reprinted! Do it!

Yep, so a few good shirts from this week. Not that they’re good enough for me to buy for full price. If there was a $10 sale on these, I’d be all over em, though.