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How To Stop RSS Scrapers From Stealing Your Content. Plus Revenge!

I noticed a while back in my Technorati blog backlinks thing that a certain blog was reposting all of the articles from my anime blog. It was an RSS Scraper that ran on some software called “Autoblogger Pro.” Basically, the site scraped posts from a number of anime blogs and reposted the content with adsense ads. While I didn’t mind the link back, it still bugged me that the person who set this up was simply profiting from other people’s work. I figured I’d do something about it.

The first thing I noticed was that all comments on the blog were turned off. This makes sense, since every comment would have probably been “stop stealing my content, you jackass!” There wasn’t any contact info or even an “about” page. I decided that contacting the owner of the website wouldn’t have helped anyway. It was time to take matters into my own hands.

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I Need Your Help! Which Glasses Should I Get!?

That’s right, it’s almost time for my once every two years eye checkup. And plus I get to buy new glasses frames! Usually this process takes me forever to decide. Before, I had gone with rectangly square glasses. Last time, I moved up to semi-rimless (on the top) glasses.

This year, I’m not sure. I was thinking of getting totally rimless glasses, so that it doesn’t look like I’m wearing glasses at all! But thick black frame glasses are kinda cool, and make you look like a hipster. But that might be a bad thing!

So here’s the deal, I used this weird online try on glasses thingamajig, and got screencaps. It worked fairly well, and you can sorta get the idea of how glasses will look on my head once worn. So help me decide! Here’s the categories:


Yeah, they’re kinda not trendy and kinda lame now. Or are they? Here’s a bunch of the cool thick framed glasses that the guy from Weezer likes to wear:


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Nintendo DS Lite Get!

ds lite.jpg

So I got my Nintendo DS Lite in the mail today. My first impressions? It’s hot! Comparing the screens of my original DS and the DS Lite is insane. The original Nintendo DS backlighting wasn’t bad, but the Lite makes it look like it’s lit by candle! They should rename it the “DS Light!”

Other impressions: It’s smaller (duh). It also started hurting my hands when I was playing. Maybe this is because I haven’t played video games in a while, or maybe it’s because the DS Lite is too small. I dunno.

I’m gonna sell the original DS to my brother, but I better not let him see the DS Lite until he goes through with the transaction. Otherwise he might just buy a DS Lite himself!

George Lucas (Lukas) is a Spammer!

So while looking through my akismet spam filter entries for false positives (usually I don’t really care, but I thought, what the heck), I found this post from one George Lukas:

george lucas spam.jpg

Apparently, when he’s not destroying Star Wars or wearing flannel, he’s trying to sell hair loss cures. Thanks, but no thanks, Georgie.

Anime Nano, na no!


And now for a little “What I did during my Summer vacation.” Well, I’ve been brushing up on my ‘gramming skills. And I’m pretty much done with my first web app. It’s called Anime Nano. As in “Anime, na no.” I know, only two or so of you will get that.

Basically, It’s an anime blog feed indexer. There’s also a forum in there that I wrote in a day. Since its grand opening on midnight, quite a few anime blogs have joined in on the action.

For those who are interested, it’s written purely in Ruby on Rails. I learned the language, learned some css skills, and wrote the project in about 3 weeks. RoR is a cool way to produce web application code in an Object Oriented paradigm. I’m losing most of you, aren’t I?

My next web app is still a secret, but I’ll let you know when that hits. For now, visit AnimeNano at and let me know what you think. Is it ugly? Is it cute? Is it teh suck? Perhaps all of the above…