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Of Ancient Japan, Giant Enemy Crabs, Massive Damage, and Riiiiddggeee Racerrrrr!!!

This is probably kinda late, but I wanted to point out this video. It’s the Sony E3 Press Conference in 1 minute:

My absolute favorite part is where the guy is talking about how Genji 2 is based on actual historical facts. Being based in history, the game also has battles that actually took place in ancient Japan. Then he starts talking about “Giant Enemy Crabs” and causing “Massive Damage!” by attacking their weak point. Priceless!

There’s also Kaz Hirai who, by being a bit too excited for Ridge Racer, has become an internet celebrity! Oh, and he also announces the giant price of the PS3.

Speaking of Ridge Racer, I just got a PSP and I’ve been playing Ridge Racer. It’s pretty fun, but I need some more games. Anyone have suggestions?

The Sheep Market: 10,000 Badly Drawn Sheep!

If you haven’t heard of the mechanical turk, it’s a weird way of getting payed to do human things. There are certain things that humans can do much better than computers (like identify street names and buildings), so pays you to do this stuff at a rate of like, 3 cents per thing you do.

I used it a couple of times to earn like, $1 by identifying buildings before I got bored as hell and quit. Anyway, it looks like someone has finally put this to good use by hiring people to draw sheep facing left. 10,000 of them! I’m kinda disappointed that I didn’t know about this. I coulda been part of internet history! And been payed 2 cents!


If you click on the little thumbnail, it actually shows you the strokes that it took to draw the sheep. Pretty cool. At 2 cents per sheep, the whole project cost $200. Not too bad, really. Where else are you gonna get 10,000 pictures of sheep?

Thinkgeek Merch Awesomeness! is a crazy store just for nerds. Pretty much everything there caters to glasses-wearing people who got beat up in high school. Sometime their merch is kinda lame, but every once in a while, great things pop up there. While browsing their new stuff, I came across some awesomeness. So I thought I’d share:

Yoda Plush Backpack!


Remember in The Empire Strikes Back, when Luke is training and he carries Yoda on his back? I know you do! Here’s an official Yoda Plush Backpack!! I’m seriously thinking of buying this and finishing out my college career in style. Or badly beaten… Now all I need to do is get Frank Oz to follow me around and make grunting noises!

The Solution T-Shirt


I’m not what you would call a “chemist,” but I still think this shirt is pretty awesome. First off, it’s green. Next, it’s got nerd vocabulary on it! I’d get this, but I think I’d probably look like a poser since I hate chemistry.

Evil Genius Lab Coat


There’s just something about labcoats that makes people look smart. And cool! If it were socially acceptable, I’d probably wear a labcoat everywhere I went. But then people would probably be all, “hey, are you a scientist or something? Look at my mole!” And that’s just not what scientists are for.

American Red Cross Hearts Threadless T-Shirts

So I guess the American Red Cross had a contest going with Threadless. There’s three shirts which, when bought, will cause a donation of $5 to the Red Cross. Pretty cool, but none of these shirts are really bitchin’ or anything. The Florence Nightingale is probably the only one I’d buy if it were $10 instead… Have a look anyway, though, it’s for a good cause after all:

St.George VS the Dragon


Florence Nightingale

florence nightingale.jpg



To Mac, or Not To Mac…


That’s the question. Yep, I’m well into the Summer break, which means it’s time for me to start on projects that have been postponed due to school and whatnot. I’ve been learning Ruby on Rails, which is a really cool framework for building web applications. Okay, so I bet that last sentence made about 0 sense to many of you…

Anyway, as someone who is developing stuff for the internets, I should probably see how things are rendered in different browsers. Not everyone uses firefox, though they should (even if it eats all of your memory). Since the new Macbooks came out, I’ve sorta wanted to get one, but it seems there’s still some issues. List time!


  • Runs Mac OSX
  • Runs Windows XP
  • Runs Ubuntu Linux
  • Is fairly cool


Now, the Macbook has only been out for like, a week, and all these issues have been brought up? I could probably wait a little bit until they resolve all (or at least most) of these.

I checked the student discount I get from UNM. Normal price is $1100, student price is $1070… has the Macbook for $1100 – $100 and no tax, so I’d probably get it there. I was gonna get a mac mini, but those cost $800 anyway, so I might as well get the laptop, right? Vote in the new poll: Mac? and let me know your opinion.