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How Deep is the Ocean?

How much do I love you?

I’ll tell you no lie.

How deep is the ocean?
Average depth (in meters):
Pacific: 4,188
Atlantic: 3,872
Indian: 3,872

How high is the sky?
The upper limit of the Earth’s exosphere (the uppermost layer of the Earth’s atmosphere) is approximately 10,000 km high.

How many times a day do I think of you?
Rate of thought during waking hours (10 per second) = 36000 thoughts per hour
Rate of thought during sleeping hours = 3600 thoughts per hour
Number of thoughts per day = 604800 thoughts per day

How many roses are sprinkled with dew?
Depends on the current season, humidity levels, dewpoints, time of day, etc.

How far would I travel
To be where you are?
Assuming both of us are on the Earth, the farthest you could travel (taking the shortest path) is half of the Earth’s circumference: 20037.58 km (assuming you are traveling along the surface of the earth)

How far is the journey
From here to a star?
The closest star to the Earth is the Sun, which is on approximately 1AU from Earth. The next closest star is Proxima Centauri, which is approximately 250,000AU away.

And if I ever lost you
How much would I cry?
Water makes up about 60f the human body. If one were to cry all of the water in his body out in tears, simply take (bodymass*.6)/mass of a single tear.

How deep is the ocean?
See above.

How high is the sky?
See above.