Monthly Archives: June 2005

Free MP3s on

I’ve been downloading some free songs from and I found this band called Of Montreal. They’re pretty good and they remind me of They Might Be Giants when they were poorer and better. Of Montreal is actually probably weirder than TMBG though. You could derive this just from the names of their songs, such as “Iras Brief Life as a Spider” and “Advice From A Divorced Gentleman To His Bachelor Friend Considering Marriage.” Yeah. Anyway, check out their free MP3s at I should probably a CD of theirs, but I haven’t bought a CD in like, 5 years. T-Shirts is this website with cool T-shirts, which is my primary choice of clothing, with pants being optional. People submit their designs to the site, and then the community votes for which designs should be printed and sold. Pretty cool. Right now they’re having a sale for $10 shirts! Yeah! I just ordered this darth vader gardening shirt. Hopefully it’ll still be rad after the hype of Episode III is gone.