Monthly Archives: October 2004

Prison Rave!

Not another prison abuse scandal! This time it’s at the Guantanamo Bay place. Quote:

In one common procedure, uncooperative prisoners were stripped down to their underwear, made to sit in a chair with their hands and feet shackled to a bolt in the floor, and forced to listen to blaring rock and rap music in a room with flashing strobe lights, a military official said.

Wait a minute, they’ve just described a bitchin’ rave! Well, leave out the whole shackling thing and it might be a cool rave. I’m not sure if the Geneva Conventions allow for rave torture or not. Time to practice that orb dance where I’m pretending to be David Bowie in Labyrinth!

Et tu, Steve?

I don’t remember who told me this, it could have been Weller, but I thought that Steve from Blue’s Clues had died from a heroin overdose. That was just a lie to trick people into thinking Steve was unwholesome and a heroin addict. So I figured I’d look and see what Steve is up to at his own webpage, and it looks like he’s a heroin addict! What the heck, Steve? Where’s your green rugby shirt and trusty sidekick dog!? Seriously, he looks about as scary as Michael Jackson with a mustache or Pee Wee Herman with a beard! Why can’t these people just keep looking normal!? (Yes, I concede that at one point Michael Jackson DID look normal)