Monthly Archives: February 2003

All the king’s horses?

Ok, so in the nursery rhyme, we hear that “all the kings horses and all the king’s men couldn’t put humpty together again.” I can understand how it might be a big deal that the king’s men can’t fix humpty, but do we really expect a bunch of horses to be able to do it? That’s a pretty high order for a bunch of hoofed animals to be filling. Couldn’t it be “all the king’s women and all the king’s men?” Of course, then you get some innuendo concerning the king’s possible harem of women and men…

It’s true!

Hey, remember these things? There’s a nifty valentine heart maker at I’m thinking the server is a little overloaded this week. I had to try a few billion times to make mine, but boy was it worth it!

Which OS are you!?

For all you nerds out there, try and figure out which OS you are! I’m OS/2, supposedly. At least I didn’t turn out to be Windows ME!

Which OS are You?
Which OS are You?

Blog or not!?

Whlist making my nightly rounds to, I decided to check out this blog hot or not thing. I’m supposed to put this code in there, so whatever. I don’t even know what signifies a hot blog. Do I have to wear a bikini?