Monthly Archives: November 2002


I had this dream where I warped back into the past! But it was only like, 5 years or so. It was still cool though, cause I was gonna be able to pick stocks and be like, the real Rainman. Yeah, definitely buy, yeah…. Too bad it was just a dream…. OR WAS IT!? DUN DUN DUN!!!!!


Ok, hear me out here.
Nyquil is Nyquil, not “Nightquil,” so why is it called Dayquil instead of “Dyquil?” It would fit so much better if you could have Nyquil and Dyquil. How cool would that be huh!? Either that or change Nyquil to Nightquil, which wouldn’t be so cool. What do you say people, should we get an angry mob together or what!?

New Keyboard = Awesome Keys

Hey, I got a new keyboard that has a working V key! It also has some weird keys such as “Turbo” and “Key Lock.” Isnt’ that awesome!? Some of the keys are weird though, like the backspace is small, unlike my original backspace, and also the delete key is like, right above the arrow buttons, so it’s all weird. I think once I get used to it, this keyboard and I will get along just fine!

How Can I Sing Like A Girl?

Does anyone else think that Chet Baker sings like a girl?